Improve your home’s ‘value’ by adding a bi folding door

Now that spring has arrived many homeowners are looking at ways in which they can improve their home to make the space more usable during the warmer months. For some this will look at things like adding decking outside, for others it may be a radical change such as a new conservatory. Whatever the change however it is important to get it right.

According to reports, the construction sector has recently stated an uplift in home building work, including the addition of conservatories. Whilst this is a popular choice for many families to allow them to increase living space within their home without moving, it is not the only option.

Other ways in which you can improve your home include the addition of new windows and doors, with the changing of sliding doors to bi-folding doors becoming a very popular choice. Whilst this doesn’t actually change the size of your home, it can change the way you consider space within your home and its exterior features, making it appear more spacious and providing more value.

For the bi-folding door specifically, because it opens in a concertina style, this allows for the uninterrupted living space when the door is completely open. As a result you can give the impression of large living spaces and have free living between internal and external spaces during the warmer months. This is achieved by removing the natural focus of the eye on a fixed wall or window.

The addition of a bi-folding door is not just space related as there are many other great benefits which can improve your home too. By adding theses doors to your property with high efficiency glass you can also help reduce your expenditure on energy bills. In the warmer months when the door is completely closed, the glass helps to regulate the internal living conditions keeping the space cool. On the other hand during the winter, the same technology that keeps the space cool in the summer keeps the space internally warm by reducing the heat loss from internal heating. This should mean you will not have to have the heating on for quite as long, immediately reducing energy bills.

As well as the aforementioned benefits others include the flooding of natural light into the home. This is because bi-folding doors can have large glass panes maximising the intake of light into your home. Scientists all over the world have reported that the more natural light you get the better the morale of the person and this inevitably has a postie effect on your lifestyle.

Something that is often overlooked when adding aluminium bi-folding doors is that it provides even greater security and strength to your home. Many aluminium bi-folding doors come with high end hardware that includes snap secure locks and multi-point locking systems, but the natural characteristics of aluminium also makes it strong.

According to bi-fold door specialists Clear View of Yorkshire consumers said that addition of these doors had completely changed their lives and the way in which they use their homes, for less money than having to move property or adding a conservatory. This is a testament to the quality and value bi-folding doors provide.

These are just some of the ways in which adding a bi-folding door to your home could completely alter the way in which you consider space within your home. If you are struggling for space or are looking to make changes to your property to aide natural light, natural living space or ease of lifestyle, consider the bi-folding door.

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