Maximising Natural Light in Your Home

Light plays a very important role in the look of your home. Not only that, but it can play a very important role in influencing and improving your mood. Homeowners who have well lit, bright and cheery homes tend to be much happier in their surroundings that homeowners who have to deal with dark, gloomy interiors. So, maximising the amount of light in your home is a great idea for improving both the décor of your home and your overall happiness.

Natural Light

The easiest way to increase light in the home is to manage the amount of natural light which is getting in. Natural light is a regulator of our circadian rhythms – the more exposure to natural light we experience, the more alert we will be during the day and the more rested we will find ourselves at night. All organic things experience some kind of circadian rhythm, so the more natural light you have in your home, the better it will be for your entire household.

Utilising Your Windows

Windows are an obvious solution for letting more natural light into your home, but windows can often be compromised. Perhaps you live on a busy street and have a concern about privacy, or perhaps your home simply doesn’t face in the right direction to allow the maximum amount of light in. Whatever your problem, there is a solution. With regards to privacy concerns, net curtains or obscured glass windows can help in a significant way by letting light in without compromising your security. If your home faces in an inconvenient direction, you can make the most of the light which does enter by placing mirrors opposite your windows, thereby reflecting light throughout your home.

Great Window Ideas

If you have the space and resources to facilitate them, you may wish to improve your home’s natural light by expanding the capacity of your windows. There’s no better light source than a floor-to-ceiling window, and these wonderful inventions can also help you to feel more in sync with the natural world outside your home.

Another great window idea is to install a window seat, thereby making the area around a main window more inviting. If you have a comfortable place to sit you will most likely find yourself gravitating towards it, meaning that even on the gloomiest of days you’ll still be able to experience a good amount of natural light.


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