Memories on Display

Photographs are visual memories of our happiest moments and loveliest things. They help us to relive birthdays, anniversaries and special people that have touched our lives in some way and yet often these precious memories are hidden away. It is great to keep these memories safe and secure but it is even better to live with these memories, seeing and feeling those happy moments day in day out so here are some more unusual ways to get your images out there!

photo frame


Most images can now be transferred to digital files allowing for much easier manipulation and printing of images. Therefore you can create your own wall art using your own photographs, simple photo-editing software and online companies such as Canvas Republic who can print your completed image on a large scale, directly onto stretched canvas for that professional finish. If you are uncertain how to digitally manipulate images look at simple online guides and top tip lists.


This is one for all of the budding crafters out there! Decoupage is a bit like doing a collage but instead of working on paper you work on an item of furniture or an object of some sort.  There are lots of examples of decoupage online and some instructional guides too that may prove useful if you are a nervous novice. But to get an idea of what you are aiming for, check out this Pinterest board for some examples of finished results.


Photographs can now be transferred to almost any surface in a variety of different ways. Fancy eating from a plate with photographs of your best bakes on it? Now you can! Simply order a ceramic photograph transfer, apply it to your blank plate, bake in the oven and you are good to go! And this is just one example; transfers can literally be applied to any surface. So, think about sprucing up your kitchen appliances and crockery or even adding images to items of clothing and accessories. Your imagination and perhaps your purse are the only limitations here so let your design mind run wild!

Photo Wall

The retro-tastic take on photo display is to source an eclectic collection of battered, second-hand frames of varying sizes and designs. Fill these with your images, printed in black and white or sepia tones for a vintage feel. Next chose a feature wall in your house, this is normally in the living room, and fill it from floor to ceiling with your framed photographs.

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