New Year DIY Tips to Spruce Up Your Apartment

Forget classic New Year’s resolutions like losing weight and finding a new partner. Follow Dr. Jordan Peterson’s advice, and clean your room. You can’t change the world but getting control of your own life and your living arrangements can truly change your life. Here are a few New Year DIY trips to spruce up your apartment.


Purge the Clutter


Don’t start redecorating until you’ve removed most of the stuff that’s been accumulating around your apartment. Round up the old papers, food wrappers and junk and throw it out. Be honest about what is worth saving, and let the rest go. Once you’ve thrown out two or three trash bags worth of stuff, what remains is what is worth using to decorate your apartment. Then you aren’t trying to fit beautiful heirloom photos and treasured paintings around old posters and kitschy prints.


Get Back to Basics


In areas such as in San Francisco where space is at a premium, you can’t afford to have many large pieces of furniture in your apartment. You can have a single large, overstuffed chair in the corner or a couple of over-stuffed pillows on the couch, but most residents don’t have the space for several conversational groupings of tables and chairs. Keep the furniture you can’t live without like beds, desks, and dining tables. You can keep one or two side chairs or tables. Get rid of the stack of chairs in the corner you rarely use and dump the furniture that’s just taking up space in the closet. This will free up a lot of space in a small apartment. If you find that you need additional storage or seating, look for multi-purpose pieces like a footrest that doubles as a stool or nesting tables you can expand to create a serving area for guests. Only pick up such pieces when you’re certain you’ll use it periodically and can stow it away without being in the way the rest of the time.


However, there are times where you just can’t make everything fit in your San Francisco apartment. For example, there just may not be room for the two of you and your baby’s things. In these cases, you should start looking for a new home that’s a better fit with your new lifestyle.


Deep Clean


Let’s be honest, most apartments can use a deep cleaning. For example, your kitchen may look and smell better after you’ve scrubbed the gaps between the tiles on the floor and the backsplash of all food residue. You might find that the counters are a shade lighter and have a more even tone after you clean it. Clean the bathrooms, and you might not need to use deodorizers anymore. If there are still stains on the floor or the couch, you can hide it with rugs and throw pillows or get something new without feeling guilty.


Make the Most of What You Have


Did you pay a premium for those amazing views? Get that clutter away from the window, open the curtains, and enjoy the view.


Do you have great morning sunshine? Consider moving your plants to the kitchen window and creating a green refuge at the center of your urban apartment. Do you have a balcony? Set things up so that you can enjoy it, such as sitting out there to watch the sunrise or sunset.


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