No More Meatballs!

I have come to a stage in my life where I simply cannot take anymore café meatballs from Ikea. I seem to have spent the past fifteen years of my life, from student to mid thirties, doing all of my shopping in those massive yellow and blue outbuildings. Food, gardening products, furniture, even my first kitchen sink, all came from my local store. And you know what I love it. I still do. I just feel like I’m ready for a change. A bit like when you listen to your favourite song on repeat for four weeks and then you realise that you’ve had enough and it’s time to give something else a try?

shopping list

Where to Begin


The problem is that I don’t really know where to begin. Before now I’ve always had rather amusing ad campaigns showing me how cool people do renovations; we all remember the dancing in kitchens advert. And yet that is part of it. I want to get away from this sense that everyone is doing it and have something that actually is just mine that I am doing because I want to. Hmm, well that’s a revelation to start with!


List Time


As soon as I have something to sort or a problem to solve out comes my trusty notebook and pen and I mind map away furiously and use multiple sticky notes in many colours before realising a good old fashioned list often works best! On my ‘What I Want’ list were the following key features: quality; originality; longevity along with the descriptors eclectic and tasteful.


As I reflected, on my findings I mused that perhaps what I needed to look at were lots of different stores and shops and websites rather than just one. I needed to broaden my home-style perspective in order to find what is my home-style rather than the current fashion for home-style.


Onwards and Upwards


And so this is how I started by visiting a range of different home stores and looking at a much wider range of products than I would have previously considered. I even started getting creative with my budget thinking about how I could splurge on some items and then save on others. For example, I splurged on a solid wooden bedroom set from Notion Furniture but then saved by teaming it with a double futon from a local charity shop.


I think that really what this has to do with is me maturing as a person and my sense of style changing as I become more confident about who I am and what I like. I also realised that perhaps this doesn’t mean entirely no more meatballs, just a slightly more balanced approach to my interior design!

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