Out of Space? An Expansion or A New Home?

If you’ve felt the need to get a bit of extra living space, wanted to expand your kitchen or just increase the value of your house, you’ve probably been looking at house extensions seeing as a whole new house would be a bit out of most peoples price ranges. This is especially true considering just how volatile prices are. Here’s a quick table of prices from 2003 to 2013 in one borough in Glasgow, Strathclyde:



Average UK Price






















The peaks and troughs show this volatility. It’s worth mentioning that these prices cover the average price for a single borough, not a city or even the country. Always consult your local office of statistics for detailed information on housing prices if you are interestd in getting a new house rather than extending the one you have.

Starting such an expansion project off can be a bit daunting considering how much work needs to be done. But no job is impossible. If you break down what seems monolithic, it becomes a lot easier to achieve.

Before you do anything…


The days of making houses out of mud are, thankfully long behind us. Modern buildings are always designed to the last millimetre on blueprints and usually by the hand of a professional architect or designer. Before you get your blueprints created, carefully consider the existing structure, its quirks and noticeable features. Keeping your home in a uniform design style will help you stay satisfied long after the project is completed. Ignoring basic design principles can lead to madness.

Consider Your Neighbours

If one of the Ten Commandments was “Love thy neighbour” it would make sense that you let them know that you plan to have builders making lots of noise and leaving lots of rubble at your property for a fair amount of time. In some cases, not notifying neighbours of work can lead to a bit of a hostile relationship or even a court case with a justifiable noise complaint.

Have You Home Surveyed

Unless your house is a new build, you probably won’t be aware of how the house was designed in the first place or what the state of your foundation is in. In some rare cases, entire buildings have collapsed into the ground as the foundation wasn’t designed to support a certain amount of weight. With a professional survey, you’ll find out every last detail you could want to know. Some builders often work with or employ their own surveyors too, so ask before you choose the first tradesman you see.

Consult an Electrician

Do you like seeing things at night? Then you’ll probably want some lights in your extension and you’ll also need electrical sockets installed too. Speak to an electrician about your plans too. The more information you have at the planning stage means that potential flaws are ironed out quickly and effectively. In a documentary on Channel 4 some years ago was a family who lived in excess. An extension was built to have a hot tub built in it. That and by generally being bad at managing their electricity, the presenter showed them that their power consumption was enough to light an entire football stadiums floodlights. You may not be getting a hot tub, but you will need to consider your extra power drain.

Consider the Roofing Options

You could be content with a massive hole instead of a new ceiling, but chances are you still have a functioning brain. There are several types of roofing options available to you when you need to choose. What’s worth mentioning is that your local council may have some objections, depending on what you want to install. In most cases, planning permission will be necessary for the extension anyway, but there are usually more restrictions on roofing. Having a typical pitched room added in will add to the cost, but it also has the potential to block light from reaching your neighbours windows or more likely, your own.
This is easiest to avoid with flat roofing. Flat roofing in Coventry for example is a booming business. The town itself boasts a strong economy along with an educated workforce that can afford home extensions. The ease of installing a flat roof compared to a pitched one makes it a natural choice as well as making the entire process significantly cheaper. In particular, Marcus Roofing is an established specialist in flat roofs and they have been around since the late seventies. Professionals with that much experience deserve your attention more than most.

Finally, with these points in mind, take pride in what will become a welcome addition to your home.

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