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Gumtree infographic 8 most likely people to meet in a house share
Gumtree infographic 8 most likely people to meet in a house share is an infographic that was produced by Gumtree

I have recently finished my time at university and I’d like to share with you something important. I learned that my people skills were horrendous and that I wasn’t prepared for house sharing, both in halls and my 2nd and 3rd year houses. It turns out there is literature out there to help out, for example, this infographic about the 8 most likely people you will meet in a house share. I was sharing with 5 (yes, 5!) other people in my second year and I can safely say we all fitted nicely into one of the people outlined in the graphic.
I was The Musical One. I never blasted 2Pac, which the infographic uses as an example, no, I would blast my 60s rock record collection to wake everyone up. Luckily it’s easier to listen to than 2Pac (I’m pretty sure none of the Beatles went to prison).
In my house, we had the The Lazy One, who would leave the place in a tip, or as the graphic suggests use their ‘floordrobe’, which I think is hilarious. Luckily for us we also had number one on the list: The Very Tidy One, who although could be a pain did keep the Lazy One in check. Meaning his abominable housekeeping skills never became a massive problem.
The point of me writing this little article, after being inspired by the infographic, is to warn any potential house mates that you may need to brush up on your people skills. It’s all too easy to coast into a house sharing situation, only to realise that you aren’t prepared – it’s the only way to stop arguments in their tracks. My second piece of advice is to not let the little things annoy you. You have to become like plastic – flexible and with the ability to let things glide right off you.

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