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Selling Like Hot Cakes?

It isn’t always easy to make an impression on the housing market and get the sale tyou need to complete the chain that leads to your dream home. Plus it is often impossible to buy one property without first having raised the capital from selling an existing one. So then you are at a stalemate and in a bit of a pickle. Sound like a rather nasty but perhaps all too familiar situation? Check out these top tips on shifting your property fast and speed up your move up the property ladder.


Make Your Property More Attractive


Consider the attractiveness of your property to your target buyer and in relation to other available properties in close proximity. Why would someone choose to buy your property over the one that is for sale over the road? It is important that you make the most of what your house has to offer and really appeal to the kind of people who will be looking to buy that type of property in that particular location.


To make your property more attractive to the right sort of people, you have to know what they are looking for so start with a bit of research. Ask around at local estate agents and consult online databases to find out who is buying what and at what kind of a price. Then put your knowledge to good use. If you find out that it is mainly young professionals buying in your area then perhaps actually two bedrooms is enough and the third would be much better dressed as a home office?


Increase Exposure


Next consider if your target audience are actually getting to see your marketing. If you are working with an estate agent and footfall is low, consider switching. If you are advertising yourself, make sure that you are doing so in the right locations and publications that your target audience will see. Also, it has become a bit of a trend at the minute to not put out for sale signs, but then how will you capture any passing interest? Skip the fashions and stick tot eh facts, bold advertising works wonders!


Enlist Expert Help


If you make all of the suggested changes and there’s still no movement then you could always consider a quick sale agent such as Harry Rose Homes who can complete house sales and pay you in cash within seven days. But before you do, make sure that you are working with a reputable professional as there have been some reports of scams recently. Bearing that in mind, if you chose this option move forward with knowledge and caution for a safe and successful sale as well as a quick one.

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