Surprising Places Where You Might Find a Steam Shower

Modular showers are some of the best additions to home and commercial spaces. Because of their sleek design and health benefits, it is no wonder that these units have garnered immediate popularity worldwide. If you have been thinking of buying a new state-of-the-art shower, then you probably have somewhere in mind to install it, but here are a few alternatives that you might consider:


En-Suite Bathrooms

The obvious place to install a new shower is in your home – and more specifically, your bathroom. If you’re feeling slightly selfish, then install it in your en-suite bathroom, so only you will reap its benefits. Be mindful, however, that most shower stalls come with glass windows and doors that silhouette a person’s body from the outside. This is why it is best to install them in private areas where you won’t be on display.


A trip to a spa promises to improve your health and give you deep relaxation. This is the place where you want to just lie down, have a good massage, and expect to be completely pampered. A steam shower makes a good contribution to the services offered in spas. These units have built-in adjustable body jets that soothe muscle soreness. They also have steam pods that vaporise essential oils with the steam, thus relaxing your entire body. Features are also designed to feed your senses by incorporating audio players and water softeners in the unit. At, you will find enormous selections of shower cabins with features that are practical for spa centres.

Hotels and Resorts

Be it for weary travellers or families taking a break, hotels and resorts provide much-needed respite. Additional steam rooms in either establishment are a welcome sight for everyone.

Hotels usually find themselves catering to travelling businessmen who ultimately want to relax after a hard day on the road. Therefore, a 20-minute steam session would be a welcome feature in any hotel, and so installing modular steam rooms is a great idea.

Likewise, resorts offer families a place to have fun and relax at the same time. Parents, especially, would love to indulge in a steam session and take a much-needed break from the kids. The pleasure, comfort, and serenity that they afford are priceless.

Yoga Centres and Hospitals

Anyone interested in yoga is obviously conscious about their health and knows that the key is to achieve ultimate relaxation. Therefore, steam therapy goes hand in hand with yoga, and so modular steam rooms are a great addition to yoga centres.

However, steam therapy offers many benefits aside from just personal well-being. In fact, steam has been used to cure ailments for a significantly long time, and so another obvious place to install them is in hospitals.

Here are a few health benefits people can get from steam:

  1. Loosens mucus to ease common colds

  2. Helps promote weight loss

  3. Alleviates stress

  4. Relieves aches and pains

  5. Rehydrates parched skin

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