The Different Types of Waste Skip Bins Can Be Used For

If you have an upcoming project or development that requires assistance from a skip bin hire Melbourne team, it can be helpful to know what kinds of rubbish can be disposed of safely. Offering a range of practical skip bin choices and helpful waste management services, rubbish removal professionals provide effective and efficient ways to dispose of many different types of rubbish and waste products. Before booking in with a skip bin hire Melbourne company, find out whether your waste qualifies with this informative article that details suitable types of rubbish that can be placed in skip bins.

Household and General Waste Products

Skip bin hire is a viable solution for many general waste products, and there are a number of skip bins that will make for a practical choice. Many reputable skip bin hire Melbourne providers will offer skip bins in different sizes and capacities, so finding one for your project – no matter how big or small – should be an easy task. For general waste, a general skip bin is typically required.

General waste refers to rubbish that falls under the category of household items, light construction waste or light commercial waste. In general, this type of waste includes simpler waste like paper, cardboard, stationary, small furniture items and office waste.

Green Waste Products

Green waste most simply refers to garden waste, and skip bins are particularly helpful for any gardening projects or developments that create green waste. Professional and established skip bin hire Melbourne providers will be able to offer a range of skip bins to specifically suit green or garden waste items. When you contact a company, they’ll be able to provide you with a green waste bin that’s suitable for your particular rubbish.

Branches, leaves, grass, clippings, shrubs and small tree trunks all fall under the category of green waste. It should be noted that liquids, soil, clay, rocks and turf are often not suitable for regular green waste skip bins, necessitating other kinds of bins for the best disposal.

Construction, Commercial and Industrial Waste Products

Many providers of skip bin hire in Melbourne will work collaboratively with a number of different industries in the construction and commercial field as they undergo renovations, demolitions and other developments. Skip bin providers are sure to have the necessary bins for specific projects, with suitable bins for materials such as concrete, bricks, tiles and recyclable products. If you have an upcoming project and you’re unsure about the leftover materials, speak to a professional about the task and they’ll be able to offer advice on the right bin or service for your needs.

The kinds of waste that shouldn’t be placed in a skip bin include any items that could have detrimental effects on sorting machinery or cause harm to rubbish removal workers. For example, skip bins should not be filled with syringes, large metal scraps, electronic appliances, food waste, and harmful chemicals or products that have been treated with chemicals.

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