What is the difference between online estate agents and the high street?

There’s currently a big debate about the benefits of traditional and online estate agents, and which one is the best method for selling your property. Traditional estate agents are keen to claim that they provide a more personal, customer based experience that online agents can’t help to live up to. However, Emoov.co.uk’s customer service awards beg to differ. There are plenty of reasons why an online estate agent is the best way to go if you’re thinking of selling your house, and in this article we’ll take you through just a few of those.


Firstly, the cost. On average, traditional agents charge you around 1.6% of your total property price once the sale has gone through. The more money your property is worth, the more it will cost you to sell- something which we think is totally unfair. With Emoov, you’ll only be charged a one-off, upfront fee of £595, with nothing to pay on completion. Furthermore, traditional agents often charge extra for assessments and valuations, adding another unforeseen cost to your total bill. On the other hand, we are proud to provide a free valuation to all of our customers, as well as a full assessment including taking photos for your floor plan. With us, you’ll be making a big saving before you even have to commit to selling.

Another problem associated with traditional agents is the way they circulate your property in order to find a buyer. While they’ll usually feature your property on their own website, agents who are with OnTheMarket are unable to list your property on both of the biggest property portals around, Rightmove or Zoopla. Rather, they are restricted to only listing on one, meaning less people will come across your property. Emoov, however, are under no such limitations, meaning that you have the best possible chance of finding a buyer faster if you go to an online estate agent. Emoov will list your property on both of those sites amongst many others, to get the word out to as many people as they can.

Another way that traditional agents justify their high prices is by conducting property viewings themselves. However, research has shown that the majority of buyers prefer to be shown around a property by the owner themselves. This both puts the buyer at ease, and allows you to answer any immediate questions which could be the tipping point for a sale. Emoov don’t charge you to provide local knowledge to customers, as they believe that you are in the best position to answer such questions honestly. Why not maximise on your local knowledge, in a way that you can only get with eMoov?

Finally, the way in which Emoov attract offers is a much fairer a simpler process than the one used by traditional agents. The latter will often initiate a “bidding war” for your property. While this might sound good, in fact it is usually only done to boost their own bonus fee that you are already tied into giving them. It also leaves you susceptible to bogus offers that just waste your time, and their methods can often put genuine buyers off. However, eMoov check over and qualify all buyers prior to considering them, to ensure that you only deal with genuine offers. On average, we achieve 99% of the asking price for our customers- that’s 3% more than the industry average. Why not give us a try? We hope we’ve shown how we give a far superior service to traditional agents, and look forward to helping you get the sale you deserve!

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